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This is all great, but how much do you charge?

We operate on a Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) model."

Pricing Model

What is PWYC model? It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. We begin with the maximum or standard rate of each practitioner

  2. Have a one-on-one conversation with your practitioner about what you “can” and are “able” to afford

  3. You then PWYC

  • We  don’t ask for financial information or question your household income or inquire about the number of dependents within your care

  • We simply ask you the question “What would you reasonably be able to pay per session if we were to meet monthly?”

  • We trust the agency and power within you to make the best decision for your care, that includes payment options.

  • Here at CAYA, we do not base our “worth” on how much a client pays and we invite you not to either

  • We thrive on mutually consensual relationships of authenticity, trust, and care


So does that mean I can pay nothing?

  • Your capital agency is, more powerful than money! And here at CAYA, we believe that everyone has treasures to exchange for our services such as gifts, talents, or time.

  • Barter is the exchange of goods and services without the presence of money.

  • Here at CAYA, we believe everyone has something to offer the community and we want to honor those offerings just as much as we value monetary exchange.

So how does the Barter system, "Barter-What-You-Can (BWYC)" work?

  • Same as PWYC Model. It’s easy as 1-2-3.

    • Begin with the standard rate

    • Converse with practitioner about your offering

    • Barter What You Can (BWYC) for the organization (NOT the practitioner)

  • That can take the form of many offerings, for example: 

    • Ex. Client A can offer to strategically map out CAYA’s social media presence for the month of February in exchange for spiritual direction services for the Months of February-April

    • Ex. Client B can provide provide the organization with a few hours of administrative assistance in exchange for the next 3 therapeutic counseling session




Talk therapy is a way to help people with eliminating or controlling triggering and troubling symptoms or behaviors so that a person can function at their highest capacity of mental and emotional wellness.  

Barter - $125/session

Spiritual Direction & Accompaniment

Spiritual Direction is one-on-one time with a certified provider exploring what you hold sacred and divine, accompanying your awareness of your own spirituality, and learning how to navigate your own spiritual transformation.

Barter - $75/session


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